Lovely Perspective.

As I sit here, waiting for my last class of the day to begin I can’t help but wonder what each person that walks by me wants most in life. For some it is obvious – attention, to be accepted, or maybe to not be noticed at all. For others, I think it is less apparent. To do something worthwhile maybe, or at this moment it may be as simple as getting a sandwich for lunch. I have always tried to see people for who they are, look into their eyes, and see how they are special. Each of us gets so caught up in our own lives that I think we forget sometimes that each person we come into contact with today has a life of their own. The girl walking by with too much make up on and barely there shorts is somebody’s daughter, maybe a little sister. She probably gets just as excited about Christmas Eve as I do, and maybe when she was a little girl she wanted to be a mermaid as badly as I did. It is all too easy to write somebody off as what you believe them to be, and I am guilty of doing this as much as the next person. Notice when we walk through crowds it is nature to keep your eyes sort of downcast and avoid making eye contact. I find when I walk through a crowd and purposely look at people in the eyes, and maybe shoot a quick smile, their cold focused looks tend to soften and warm. Other times, they just look at me like I’m strange, and that’s okay too. I just wonder what it would look like if we were more aware of the fact that we are all imperfect in some ways, and perhaps wildly talented in others. I play classical piano. I know I’m a science major, and I don’t play publicly very often, but few things in life make me as happy as sitting down to a worn copy of Claire de Lune in a quite sanctuary, though my hands know what keys to move to without it. I also enjoy a Jazz radio show that comes on every night at 10:00 on a local radio station. Each person I see has something in life that they care about, something that is more important to them than anything else, and wherever they are walking now, it is probably on their mind. My fiance is always on my mind. I love him so much it almost hurts to breathe, and there isn’t anything in this world that I wouldn’t do to show him the kind of Love that God has shown to me. I know that I’m not the only person to love somebody else though. What is the bus driver that I saw this morning going home to at the end of today? What did my professor say to his wife the day he asked her to marry him? What is the person next to me in traffic in such a hurry to get to? What does the actress on television with millions of dollars think of each night when she’s trying to go to sleep? We are each so desperately human, yet I think we all forget that too often. Today I would encourage each of us to perhaps notice others a bit more, and realize that within each of our own little lives is somebody else trying to live theirs as well. This world is a beautiful place if we have the right perspective from which to look at it.

Just for fun today, leave a comment of something you think is beautiful in life 🙂


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