Lovely mornings.

As promised, here are a few of my tips to becoming a morning person and learning to appreciate one of (at least in my opinion) the most wonderful times of the day. It’s so, so worth it.

Tips to help turn yourself into a Morning person:
1. Make yourself get up the FIRST time you hear your alarm.
It gets exponentially harder to make yourself get out of bed every time you hit that snooze button, so the sooner you can make your feet touch the floor, the more you will get used to it. This is the hardest part of becoming a morning person.
2. Brew yourself a nice hot pot of coffee and learn to mosey.
The second part of step two will seriously change your life. What I call “moseying” is simply sitting and taking your sweet time to enjoy a cup of coffee. I have studied the coffee industry intensely when I spent a summer researching it in Brazil and all I can say is you won’t see many Brazilians with a massive cup of overly sweetened syrupy coffee covered in whipped cream speeding down the interstate because they’re running late for work. I have also learned this from my family and I have seen my parents get up early together and just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with the sunrise nearly every day of my life. I also like to take this quiet time to pray and study scripture or journal. This not only has been what has turned me into tolerating early mornings, but (brace yourself for this) actually looking forward to waking up early. Some of the best conversations happen here, and it’s one of those daily decisions you can make that I will bet you a kilo of the finest Brazilian coffee beans you won’t ever regret. More articles on moseying to follow in the future ;).
3. Figure out what to wear and eat for breakfast the night before.
This seems a bit like what your mom used to do when you were in elementary school, but mom knew what was up – morning time is precious. Much too precious to spend the time frantically running around trying to find something clean/less wrinkled/less tight/matching/etc. to wear. I also enjoy working out in the morning after I’ve finished my coffee, so it’s very helpful to go ahead and lay out gym clothes and tennis shoes (which also gives me one less excuse to not go). When you can wake up without having to even think about what to fix or wear it will make getting up easier and more enjoyable.
4. Learn the value of watching the sunrise.
In my teenage days of sleeping in until noon, by the time I got out of bed my dad would say “good afternoon, you’ve successfully slept away the majority of your day.” He was mildly joking/scolding, but it stuck with me. We each only have so many days on this earth, and sleeping until lunchtime regularly not only is a huge waste of time, but it makes it that much harder every time to wake up early later. Now, I would be lying if I said I never sleep in anymore, and getting enough sleep is crucial to a healthy body and mind – but consciously make the decision if a couple extra hours of sleep is more valuable than the beautiful, quiet morning hours. Sometimes the sleep is more important – and that’s okay, just be intentional about how you spend your precious hours each day.
5. Be consistent.
One of the most important things in becoming a morning person is disciplining yourself to get out of bed, and it is so much easier for your mind and body to adjust when you get up early every day. It also gets easier if you train yourself to go to bed earlier instead of staying up the extra hour to watch just one more episode of Downton Abbey online (ahem…not that I’ve ever done that..). It’s like this though: when you adjust to going to bed earlier, you can wake up early easier; and when you wake up early, it will make you sleepy earlier and easier to go to bed and fall asleep.

So there you have it- five steps to learning to cherish some of the most wonderful, peaceful, and enriching times of the day that the majority of people sleep through and completely miss.


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