A Lovely Dwelling Place.


“I dwell in possibility.”

-Emily Dickinson-

How true it is. We each dwell in a possibility of some form, every day. My life has consisted of choices made each day, that evolve into consequences, and eventually settle down as memories. This blog will be my account of the life that I am blessed to live, the possibilities that I am blessed to dwell in, the people that I am blessed to know, and my attempts to better myself and the world around me through simply living and loving each day as it is given to me. I learned a tough lesson many years ago, that happiness is a choice, and to love is a conscious decision. Yet, how many days do we each spend just using up breaths, planning for the next day, and forgetting to cherish now, which is really all that we have any form of control over – and even then the attempts are usually fleeting. What we do have is a choice every morning when we open our eyes – will I dwell in the possibility of joy or the possibility of sorrow today? Both are options each day and the decisions we each make, even the smallest ones or the unconscious ones, will result in one or the other. I choose to be happy today because I have much to be happy for – a warm home, the opportunity to learn, people who love and invest in me, a fiance that I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with, and a robin outside my bedroom window that quite enjoys singing to me about the sunrise each morning. My hope is that you will join me often on this blog website and join in on the journey. I will be sharing quotes, scriptures, recipes, photos, videos, remarkable stories, advice, pleas for advice, failed and successful attempts to be more gracious and aware, and hopefully a few laughs along the way. I am praying that the accounts I will give, both the victories and failures that are each inevitable, will somehow resonate with you and inspire you to take the steps towards a happier and more fulfilling life.

So what lies ahead for this week? I will be referring to them as Spoilers (yes, I am a devout Dr. Who fan…). More lingo to come in the future.

Spoilers for week of 8.24.14:

  • Tips for becoming a “morning person” (or one of those people as my fiance so dearly refers to us as)
  • My feeble attempts at healthy meal planning as a college student
  • Goose-bump triggering poetry that you are missing out on if you haven’t read it yet

In the meantime – let some Claude Debussy compositions soak into your dwelling space a little bit. I am a huge fan of Late Romantic Era composers and this particular piece is so lush it makes me want to cry happy tears:



Until next week,



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